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I’ve been reading a lot lately about portable gaming, and I’ve become really interested in getting a PlayStation Portable (PSP).  While the PSP has not sold as well as the Nintendo DS, the PSP has more games that I’m interested in playing.  I’m really interested in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow, and Medal of Honor Heroes.  Each of these games has an in-depth singleplayer experience while also having a robust online multiplayer experience.  With two kids, the pick up and play (and put down easily) gameplay of a portable system does seem very appealing. In looking at the PSP, like a good librarian, I did a little bit of research.  Here is what I’ve found useful.

Next Generation has an article called The PSP Comeback?, which details the future of the PSP.  According to the article, the future is bright.

IGN has an article about the Future of the PlayStation Portable, where game developers comment on what they have done on the platform and what they will be doing in the future.  

IGN has lists of the Best PSP Games of 2006 and the Best PSP Games of 2005

One thought on “Taking gaming on the go

  1. Chad,

    I have a PSP, and while I was sad for a while that I chose it over the DS, I’m less so now. I use it a LOT as a portable media device, watching TV and DVD’s on the road, plus I get my favorite sorts of games: Katamari, Loco Roco, etc.

    Esp. with the new PSP lite, I think the platform as a future.

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