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Hi, I’m Chad

Hi, I’m Chad.

I’m a husband, father-of-four-boys, cyclist, triathlete-in-training, coach, gamer, budding photographer, occasional strummer, and outdoor enthusiast. A man of many interests; a jack-of-all trades-master-of-none.  Most folks would say I’m an all-around pretty good guy.

At work I’m the Head of User Services & Business Librarian with a passion for technology, public service, and teaching at Ohio University’s Alden Library.

While most of what I write about here at Library Voice pertains to libraries (hence the title, after all), I also occasionally post about tech, games, bikes, photography, and other fun stuff.  I like to write to find my voice, and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned to make the Web, and the world, a better place.

Please note that this is a personal blog and any opinions that are expressed here represent mine and not those of my employer.

What do you say?

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