Feel good moments via social media

The past two days I received two very nice compliments via social media.  Both of them made me feel especially valued and appreciated, even if the kind words came from people I have never met in person.  I'm posting them here for those days where things aren't quite so rosy. The first comment came out... Continue Reading →

Tour de France riders on Twitter

Via @lancearmstrong, here are a few Tour de France riders who are on twitter. TdF riders on Twitter. @levileipheimer, @bradwiggins, @dzabriskie, @christianvdv, @thedpate, @cadelofficial, @wegelius, @andy_schleck, @kaarvesen, @carlos_sastre, @mickrogers, @ghincapie, @markrenshaw1, @bdlancaster, @laurenstendam, @stevendejongh, @koendekort, @fumybeppu. I currently follow Lance, Hincappie, and Leipheimer, as well as Johann Bruyneel.

Into the twittersphere

A funny, but sadly true, look at Twitter. Off to tweet some more. I've been away too long while posting this.   Gotta feed the habit. 😉

Is Twitter for old people?

According to a report from Nielsen,   the largest number of visitors to twitter.com are in the 35-49 category. Twitter Most Popular Among Working Adults Twitterers (a.k.a. Tweeters) are not primarily teens or college students as you might expect. In fact, in February the largest age group on Twitter was 35-49; with nearly 3 million... Continue Reading →

Pew Research Center with Twitter demographics

Pew Research Center: Twitterpated: Mobile Americans Increasingly Take to Tweeting. This article from Pew has a lot of Twitter demographics: A look at the demographic profile of Twitter users as a whole reveals some additional details about who uses Twitter and how they communicate and consume information. As noted above, Twitter users are overwhelmingly young.... Continue Reading →

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook vs Twitter on TwitTip Trying to figure out the difference between Twitter and Facebook?   This post may be helpful in understanding the two social networks, and perhaps help you decide whch one is for you.

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