The Problem With Achievement Points

I'll admit it that even though I have a pathetically low gamerscore, I'm looking forward to collecting more achievements while playing games on my XBOX 360.   However, some achievements are not even worth the effort, as this post from GameLemon demonstrates. All the cheering and joy was suffice it to say, instantly diminished, when... Continue Reading →

Is grinding painful or therapuetic?

Generally, when we think of "grind", we often hear it in terms of the "daily grind," the necessary, but not always enjoyable effort that we have to earn a paycheck, perform our responsibilities, and just get to the day.   In Role Playing Games (RPGs), the word grind is used to define the process of... Continue Reading →

Not all gamers are alike

This is a sweeping generalization, but I found this commment to be fairly descriptive and funny: Social gaming is big in Europe, and FPS and Action games are big in the US. Japan likes gimmicky tamogotchi-like games with fuzzy creatures and characters with hairdos that defy gravity. For the record, I'm currently playing one of... Continue Reading →

My Gaming Backlog

I've got a hefty backlog of games that I want to play. Many gamers refer to this backlog as a "pile of shame," as they are often games that they've been meaning to get around to for quite some time. There's quite a few games out there for my current systems, the PS2 and the... Continue Reading →

Learning from Grand Theft Auto

Chris Kohler, from Wired, confesses to have never played a Grand Theft Auto video game. I'm in the same boat, although I did have a brief stint with GTA: San Andreas, and am currently working on GTA: Liberty Series Stories on my PSP. In preparation for the arrival of GTA IV at the end of... Continue Reading →

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