A Wiki for 6 Strings

I was looking for some *cough* free *cough* guitar tabulature for a particular song that our church praise band is playing on Sunday. I checked out the usual guitar tabulature sites, and then discovered The Tab Wiki. After poking around a bit, I was pleased to see that there were a few songs from The Man in Black. From the statistics page, there appears to be about 700 pages in the wiki, and 1124 registerd users.

The Tab Wiki is another example of how easy it easy to organize information with a wiki. In this case, songs are organized by genre, song title, and skill level. There is even a section devoted entirely to acoustic guitar, which is unique, as most other guitar sites don’t distinguish between electric and acoustic guitar styles. Another really cool thing about this wiki is that it gives very detailed instructions on how to add content.

One thought on “A Wiki for 6 Strings

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