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Does Google ignore women’s sports?

Wow, Google hates women, that’s stupid”, observed my 10-year-old son. Needless to say, Google needs to get with the program. My son gets it. So should you.

Using Twitter to gather customer complaints

While walking our the door to get coffee across the street,  I overheard two students saying,  “OMG it’s so hot in the library,  let’s go study some place else.” We have had unseasonably warm temperatures for a few days (65… Continue Reading →

Get your knowledge out of your inbox and on the web

In his book, Trust Agents, Chris Brogan describes how people can become experts by sharing their answers on the web with more people.  I believe librarians should be doing this as often as they can in order to showcase their… Continue Reading →

Feel good moments via social media

The past two days I received two very nice compliments via social media.  Both of them made me feel especially valued and appreciated, even if the kind words came from people I have never met in person.  I’m posting them… Continue Reading →

Are blog comments necessary or just a pain?

Web Worker Daily has a post where they ask “Are Blog Comments Worth It?” I often ask the same question, particularly with the comments I get on my Business Blog.   The Business Blog is primarily aimed at the faculty… Continue Reading →

9 things I’ve learned in the four years with the Biz Wiki

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since I created the Biz Wiki. When I first wrote about using a wiki as a research guide, I had no idea where the wiki would go. For the four year… Continue Reading →

The importance of visual literacy

Over the past couple of months I have received numerous calls about the Biz Wiki.   The callers,   emailers, and IMers all have something in common:   they all own a business or work at a business whose name… Continue Reading →

Business Blog reviewed by library school student

I love it when library school students stop by and chat. They usually reach me via the chat widget on the Business   Blog or via the chat widget on the Biz Wiki. The students usually have a few questions… Continue Reading →

My content is all over the place

So I’m struggling with something.   I have this blog, and I have just started another blog for my biking interests.   So I have content here and at WordPress.com.   The pictures that I have for this blog are… Continue Reading →

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