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Using Twitter to gather customer complaints

While walking our the door to get coffee across the street,  I overheard two students saying,  “OMG it’s so hot in the library,  let’s go study some place else.” We have had unseasonably warm temperatures for a few days (65… Continue Reading →

What if everyone had to do support work

What if everyone in your organization had to do support or customer service work every now and then?

Smartphone owners price-shop while in retail stores? Say it ain’t so!

This is likely not news to anyone who owns a smartphone such as a Palm Pre, Blackberry, Droid, or iPhone, but a recent study says that shoppers look at competitors’ prices while shopping in retail stores. A survey from the… Continue Reading →

Putting a name with a face

I’ve always believed that librarians need to have their faces and names plastered all over library websites.   Having a face on the website gives patrons someone to recognize in the library, which in turn can help make the library… Continue Reading →

Comcast’s Twitter Man: Meeting the Needs of Customers with Twitter

Are you thinking of using twitter to reach customers or library patrons?   If so, this article from Business Week is a really informative read, and shows how actual questions and problems were resolved by using twitter. It serves as… Continue Reading →

A Wiki as a Research Guide

It seems like these days everybody has got a wiki, so I thought I should have one as well. I have begun experimenting with using a wiki to replace the typical library research guide, subject guide, or pathfinder (or whatever… Continue Reading →

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