RSS is Spreading

RSS feeds are popping up all over the place. At our university, there is a feed for hot news, one for top news stories, and even the athletics department has a news feed. All the feeds are linked from the "RSS at Ohio University" page. I'm very proud to say that our Library News feed... Continue Reading →

A Sneak Peek of FeedDemon 2.0

Nick Bradbury, the developer of FeedDemon, has given us a few peaks of version 2.0. I've been a user off and on of both Bloglines, FeedDemon, and Sharpreader. My weapon of choice for the past few months has been FeedDemon. I still have a Bloglines account, and I use it periodically, but right now, FeedDemon... Continue Reading →

RSS Without Knowing

Yahoo! and Ipsos Insight have a new report about RSS usage. The report finds that most RSS users don't even know they're using RSS: The number of tech-savvy Internet users who knowingly sign up for RSS syndicated content is only four percent, while another 12 percent are somewhat aware of the term RSS. Twenty-seven percent... Continue Reading →

FeedDemon Aquired by Newsgator

Nick Bradbury, the creator of FeedDemon and Topstyle, will now be working for Newsgator. He explains the move in this post on his blog. Nick explains that the idea behind this move was born out of his support forums. Basically, his customers wanted the ability to use the desktop aggregator, FeedDemon, on multiple machines. Nick's... Continue Reading →

American Aggregator Idol

You know that RSS is catching on when American Idol has an RSS feed. I wonder what is the aggregator of choice for Simon, Randy, Paula, and Seacrest? Are they part of the 16 people that are subscribed with Bloglines? Perhaps now that the competion is into the final 12 contestants, hits on the Idol... Continue Reading →

Spreading the word about RSS

I taught an RSS workshop about a month ago, and only recently did I think to blog about my experiences. I have been a little overwhelmed the last few weeks, so my blogging has suffered immensely. I have even been so busy that I had to ignore (gasp!!) my aggregator. This was the second workshop... Continue Reading →

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