CIL:Wikis for Beginners

Meredith's cybertour on wikis was just what the doctor ordered. Meredith covered the basics of wikis in a short period of time, including various uses of wikis and the multiple software options. Her slides area available here, and if you're looking for more, take a look at an earlier presentation that she gave for OPAL.... Continue Reading →

CIL: Creative Visibility: Toolbars and Game Nights

Scott Rice, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Giz Womack, Wake Forest University --------------------------- Scott FYI---I went to library school with Scott. Scott created a Firefox toolbar for his library. He had orginally worked with bookmarklets. User has to find bookmarklets and tweak them. Not very user friendly. Toolbar good for distance education have links... Continue Reading →

CIL:Weblogs as Customer Communication and Collaboration Tools

Susan Fingerman, Johns Hopkins University Christina K. Pikas, Johns Hopkins University Susan Klopper, Goizueta Business Library, Emory University Clara Hudson, University of Scranton --------------------------- Christina K. Pikas Christina talks about what ehy have done with blogs at APL. Process Current Blog Internal Blog Environment at APL: Very centralized IT management, no library servers, no lab-wide... Continue Reading →

CIL: Wikis in Action

Binghampton and Stony Brook are both using blogs for internal communication. Both discussed how a wiki can be used to facilitate internal communicaiton. Both groups mentioned the need for getting staff buyin, as well as the need for having a supportive systems staff. Binghampton talked a good deal about their training model for their staff... Continue Reading →

Computers in Libraries 2006

It's 10:00, and I'm in my hotel room. I'm exhausted, as it was a very full day. Wireless access for bloggers at the conference was not working quite right, so I took notes in NoteTab Light. The posts that follow are the notes that I took. I'm a little too fatigued at the moment to... Continue Reading →

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