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My favorite picture of 2014

I took a lot of pictures in 2014.  This picture of my 2nd son, taken on July 3 at the Athens, Ohio fireworks show, is my favorite.  We’ve had a few health issues/concerns/scares over the past couple of years with… Continue Reading →

What can Instagram teach you about photography?

I've been posting pictures to Instagram for almost two years. Some photographers might think that Instagram isn't where “real” photographers would post as the pictures are generally lower resolution compressed files and/or the pictures are just camera phone selfies. I'm… Continue Reading →

Photography 101 tips, tricks, and tools

The Daily Post at WordPress.com has an excellent Photography 101 series. The tips, crafted by guest photography bloggers, are written with a more general audience in mind. As someone who is newer to the hobby, I appreciate the non-technical approach to… Continue Reading →

Feel good moments via social media

The past two days I received two very nice compliments via social media.  Both of them made me feel especially valued and appreciated, even if the kind words came from people I have never met in person.  I’m posting them… Continue Reading →

Beautiful morning on Park Place

Beautiful morning on Park Place, a photo by volsinohio on Flickr. Park Place fountains looking towards Baker Center, in front of Alden Library, at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Dogwood in front of Wolfe Garden at Alden Library

Dogwood in front of Wolfe Garden at Alden Library, a photo by volsinohio on Flickr. Shot at lunch with my Sony HX100V. Touched up a bit in Snapseed on my iPad.

How to get better pictures with the HTC EVO 3D phone

I’ve been rocking an HTC Evo 3D since launch day back in 2011. It’s been a mostly solid phone, but despite all the hype, the camera isn’t that great. A while back I happened across a post about changing the… Continue Reading →

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