5 Traits of Awesome Video Games

Newsweek has an interview with Brian Allgeier, the creative director of Ratchet & Clank Future:  Tools of Destruction.  Allgeier gives five traits that make for really good video games.  According to Allgeier, good games:

  1. Begin with a bang
  2. Have a compelling main character
  3. Have a good pace of the progression
  4. Contain a Strategic Meta Game
  5. Fulfill a fantasy.

This is a a great read that illustrates what makes video games so engaging for players. 

One thought on “5 Traits of Awesome Video Games

  1. I am only a very casual console gamer, but R&C has been one of my favorite games. I have always followed them as they come out (though I do wait til the price goes down). The games do really follow that list, and for me at least, very easy to pick up. Once you master the basic controls once, it’s the same every time, just new story and challenges. A pity they don’t make more games like this that blend adventure, some humor, and ease of play for those of us who just want a little gaming here and there.

    It may be a while til I play the new one since I am not planning on upgrading to a PS3 any time soon. Though, I did try it out at a game shop, and sure enough, looks nice, but same comfortable feel.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

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