Is it worth coming to the office?

I'm currently reading Remote:  Office Not Required.  From page 47: Worth counting too is the number of days you spend emailing someone who only sits three desks away.  People go to the office all the time and act as though they are working remotely:  emailing, instant messaging, secluding themselves to get work done.  At the... Continue Reading →

My office birthday shindig

July has indeed been a crazy month for birthdays in our office. Yesterday was my birthday, but we celebrated my boss' birthday yesterday and mine today.   Thanks to Mike for the wonderful pecan pie.   My colleagues are awesome and we have a great time together. Formats available: Windows Media (.wmv), Flash Video (.flv)... Continue Reading →

Birthdays in our office

One of the best things about working in our office is that we celebrate each others' birthdays.   We draw names at the beginning of the year, and each staff member has to bake (or buy) a cake or other dessert and a card for another person on his/her birthday.   It's a good time... Continue Reading →

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