Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials

Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials.

Camstudio was the first screencasting program that I ever used.   It’s also one of the only ones I know of that will record in AVI format, allowing you to edit the video with Windows Movie Maker.   For future installments of the Monday Night Update, I may incorporate some screen grabs from the web or from my computer, and this will do the trick.   The tutorial linked above shows how to change the default settings of Camstudio for the best recording possible.

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  1. hi Chad, Camstudio is the best screen recording freeware but lacks of video editing features and compatibility with different types of pc and laptops. I used to use it but I found it can’t record the audio from my speaker. After hundreds of attempts I gave up and searched for other similar program. In fact, for the most time in my screencasting, I’d like to talk rather than give poeple a show on the screen, so the narration is more important to me. I need one which can record video with voice, then voice editing feature is more appreciated. Last week I found one which can edit voice narration for your screen recording. I just saw the description of their products and intended to get one. Any suggestion?

    Here is where I found the resource:

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