Screensavers as marketing tools

Screensaver picsMany libraries and computer labs use screensavers to protect burn-in on computer screens when they are not in use. This past quarter, we’ve been using the screensavers as a marketing and advertising tool. At the beginning of the quarter I created a few images to advertise services and collections in our library. I’ve posted a few here as an example. The pictures rotate randomly with the MyPictures screensaver feature in Windows. I have no way on knowing if the scrolling ads have had any impact, but they sure do look a lot better than our old text-based screensaver.

One thought on “Screensavers as marketing tools

  1. Very interesting. The pictures do add quite a bit to the presentation. You may want to look at RSS screensavers too. OSX comes with one that’s text based. I believe there are a couple for windows that will display the RSS text over custom images. It’s one way to push fresh content. The MyPictures would probably be easy to update too if you had the pictures on a network mount. Here’s a post on the OSX RSS to give you a crappy image:

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