How to get better pictures with the HTC EVO 3D phone

I’ve been rocking an HTC Evo 3D since launch day back in 2011. It’s been a mostly solid phone, but despite all the hype, the camera isn’t that great. A while back I happened across a post about changing the Evo 3d camera settings to take better 2d pictures. For some reason the blog post now appears to be a dead link, so I thought I would post my settings as shown in end image below. While my settings image below is not nearly as good as the original post, perhaps it will help someone take better pics with their EVO 3d camera. FWIW I will be moving to the HTC One later this month.

The camera is still not very good for action shots or shots of the kids, as it has some extreme shutter lag. However, for still shots, I found the settings below to be generally pretty good, particularly when posting to Instagram. In addition to the settings below, I adjust the ISO as well. For most pictures I leave the ISO at 400 to speed up the shutter, but will use 100 or 200 when outdoors. I do occasionally tinker with the white balance, but usually only under daylight or fluorescent conditions.


Some sample shots, after Instagramming, are below. ¬†As you can see, the pics still aren’t as good as a dedicated point and shoot still camera, but they aren’t bad. Changing the camera settings does yield better pictures than just leaving the Evo 3d settings on Auto.



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