Internet Librarian–MySpace & Facebook

MySpace and Facebook

MySpace is not the best website ever.  It can be hard to use, it can give a bad user experience.  Nevertheless, people still use it because of the social experience.  

Aaron got a teenager to update the Thomas Ford MySpace page.


Cliff Landis

What is the nature of the beast?
Profiles as Identity Performance
-Dynamic and Static
-user can change profile and picture and information regularly
Social Networking
-Connections between individuals creat a network
Groups and Identity

Using Facebook to benefit students
-links to traditional resources

Innovatie services
-asking students on their own turf
Ubiquitous librarianship
–using a student’s public profile to assist them

The user-centric approach
-Karen Schneider’s “The User is Not Broken”
-meet the people where they are, not where you want them to be
–point of need service

Cliff created an ASK-A-Librarian group in Facebook
-librarians should represent themselves as an individual–create a group

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