Internet Librarian–The RSS and JavaScript Cookbook

The RSS and JavaScript Cookbook

Meredith Farkas and Paul Pival

Paul says every single tool they will show us will be usable by librarians.

Using the traditional subject page as an example of how to generate dynamic content
Most subject guides are not often updated
Not easy to add content if you don’t know HTML

Dynamic Content
-lives elsewhere, but pulled into a page

RSS is a format for syndicating on the web

What is javascript?
A simple scripting language that can interact with HTML source code, enabling web authors to spice up their sties with dynamic content

What sort of content might be on a subject page?
useful databases
useful journals
useful books

What you can do with RSS on a subject page?
Blog posts on the sidebar
database search feeds on specific subjects
some catalog search feeds
Collect journal RSS feeds
RSS for new books feed
RSS from social bookmarking sites
Syndicate podcasts, screencasts, videocasts

Simple RSS Tools
Feed2JS–probably the most popular service
-you can install the js on your own server

Paul demonstrated how this could be used within blackboard. This would be a cool way to let users know of resources that are specific to their topic.

-blends multiple feeds
use to send RSS to email

RSS calendar
-put events and stuff into

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