A Review: The flip Video Camcorder at infodoodads

A Review: The flip Video Camcorder at infodoodads.

When buying a flip you do need to make some decisions.   First, what kind of flip do you want?   I went for the mino flip, which costs $179.99.   This one doesn’t have the best video quality, but I just wanted to capture quick videos of my five-month old son and send them to grandparents, aunts, and uncles.   If you want higher quality videos, and have a little more money to spend, then you want the flip mino HD which is $229.99; Sam has this one and has used it to record the most recent editions of his vlog, The One Minute Critic.

So, if you’re looking for a camcorder that offers simplicity and a pretty good image on your computer screen, then this is for you.   However, if you want to do a lot of editing and you dream of super high-quality movie-screen video, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

I have the Flip Mino, and I love it.   It makes decent quality video, and it’s slim enough to fit in a blue jeans pocket or a bike jersey.   I’ve been using my Flip Mino to record the Monday Night Update videos, as well as all of my other instructional videos and video blog posts.   I could definitely use a nicer camera with more features, but for my purposes and budget,   the Flip Mino fits my needs perfectly.

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