CIL 2007: Mobile Search

Transcoders such as Squeezit, can transcode a page into a optimized version for a mobile device.

Application versus Browser
Yahoo One Search used to be an app only, that was downloaded to a handheld
Now Yahoo Search is a browser

Gary Price is showing some searches on his Treo.
He’s using PDA Reach from June Fabric to show whatever is on his Palm on a projector.

They are comparing Yahoo vs. Google mobile search.  Google displays larger images, and they are at the top of the results.  The Yahoo mobile search looks like a better product.

Gary is showing the Ask Mobile search.  Ask took away the search box on the main page, so that users can then select which kind of search they want to do.

Other mobile search options
MS Live
AOL mobile

Gary stresses that some of these search options require a download, and the apps are very phone dependent.  As an example, the Yahoo One Search app does not work with my Treo.

Not everyone has a wireless web plan for their phones, but 95% of today’s phones have text messaging.  There are growing options in this area.
Yahoo has texting, and has alerts
AskMeNow is another one

Gary is showing SoonR, which will allow you to do remote desktop to your office machine
ORB will allow you to stream music from your computer to your mobile device

The slides for the presentation are available here.

CIL 2007

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