CIL 2007: Millennials & the Library

Marshal Breeding

like to collaborate
Innate ability for Technology

New librarians are a part of the millennial generation

Shaping collections for millennial users
content needs to be digital/immediate
discovery—more like the web
access—anytime, anywhere

Marshal says that satisfying the needs of millennials  does not conflict with the needs of users from previous generations.  ***However, from our standpoint, facilities renovations that cater to millennials can often be a balance between collaborative spaces and collections spaces. 

millennials comfortable with a variety of formats
prefer graphics over text
podcasts of lectures

How do our websites and OPACS meet the needs of today’s users. 

Marshall shows a video of trying to find Time Magazine via a library’s web site

The way that interfaces work is dictated by  the web.  Our users have expectations based upon prior experiences, and library websites/OPACs need to learn from the open web.

CIL 2007

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