CIL2007: Trends in Mobile Tools and Applications for Libraries

Trends in Mobile Tools and Applications for Libraries
Megan Fox
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Size of mobile market
75 % of all US adults have cell phones
90% of college students have them
95% of US mobile phoes support text messaging
62 % of subscribers use text messaging regularly
text messaging increased 95% over last year

Samsung B47 supports picture in picture.  Screen rotates to support TV

Nokia N93 has a partnership with Flickr, to upload pics automtically

Audio is advanced on these devices, and they replace the need for a separate mp3 player

coolest thing will be the touchscreen
can’t download apps to the iPod, no user-replaceable battery

Ultra Mobile Personal Computer
now in 2nd generation
Samsung Q1 Ultra
thumb keyboard on both sides of the screen
battery life is an issue, but they are working on it

The mobile web
.mobi internet domain
mobisitegalore  Freemont Public Library

Zinadoo translates information into mobile
Ball State University  www.bsu/libraries/mobile

Mobile Optimized Catalog
AirPac is a III mobile version of the catalog

Ready reference info is not available on mobile phones  (almanacs, handbooks, etc)
use these resources at the ball game, at the store, at the bar

The Transcoded Web
Transcoding can be controversial because it distorts the page
Any page can be shoehorned into a mobile device

mobilicious = del.ici.ous on the go

Mobilizing your content

As mobile information becomes more proficient, librarians will need to be more familiar with the objects

Communicating with library users
company that provides reference service

MagicMessage does this

TeleFlip are other webform to phone options

youngest users are heavy texters

Wake Forest has a MobileU pilot program
Library has a mobile style sheet

reserve study rooms via the library

sort of like a clicker system, but works with cell phones

download audio books via wireless broadband

Guide by cell audio tours

YouTube to go is in the works, as is a mobile Second Life

BallState has videos that work on phones

mobile for Library staff
Wireless Workstation from III

slides at

CIL 2007

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