ODCE: Murder on Grimm Isle

Murder on Grimm Isle:  The Design of a Game-Based Learning Environment

Michele Dickey, Associate Professor / Miami University

What to borrow from game desing
Why borrow from game design
Challenges of

What to borrow from game design

  • Perspective
  • God’s eye vs. first person
  • Narrative
    • The quest–framework
    • spatial vs. linear
  • Interactivity
  • This is important in bringing the player into the game environment
  • Why Borrow form game desing

    •  design of experiential environments
    • first person vs.third person (Winn 2002)
    • mulitple perspectives
  • Use of narrative:  Adventure Game design
    • cognitive framework for problem-solving
    • design heuristics for educational games
  • Use of Narrative:  MMORPGs
    • small quests
    • types of knowledge:  declarative, procedural,

    Challenges of integrating game elements

    • instructional designers and K-12 educators
    • limiited resources
    • time, skill, talent

    Overview Murder on Grimm Isle

    •  Game-based learning environment
    • adventure style game
    • purpoes:  foster argumentation writing skills for grades 9-12 and first year college
    • experiential learning–artifacts not just text
    • spatial narratie–cognitive framework  (Henry Jenkins)

    Setting:  Grimm Isle
    Scenario:  Robson Wolf has been found murdered on his estate
    Factors:  Impending hurrican (Island evacuated)
    Learner:  Investigator

    Robson Wolfe

    Challenges:  Narrative

    • intersecting evidence
    • motives (love and money)
    • opportunity
  • spatial narrative vs.  linear narrative
  • Challenges of design

    •     Environment design
    •     2D too restrictive vs 3D too open

    Uses ActiveWorlds

    •  pros:  no programming, growing resources
    • cons:  subscription, file conversion, object and image file sizes

    Outcome:  Formulative Evaluation

    • if it is there, it must be part of the story
    • choice needs to be part of the environment

    Game Engines and Virtual Worlds
    Active Worlds (cheap)
    Ogre (open source)
    Panda 3D (free)
    Second LIfe (various price models)

    Need to see handout for 3D modelers

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