ODCE: New Intersections for Student Engagement

New Intersections for Students Engagement:  Leveraging Learning Cultures with Multimedia Technologies
Kathy Webb and Tingting Lu, The Ohio State University Libraries

Why a student learning culture in the library?
points to OCLC College Students’ Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources
also College Learning for the New Global Century (pdf)

Traditional library service promotes a 1:1 potential for learning
Librarian behind the desk helps a single user at one time
Reference staffs are on the decline

New learning culture at OSU
Student to student service
Spreads leaning at the grass roots
Librarians apprenticed and coached high-achieving students to work as peer student helpers
Students become advocates for the library

Library assets

Learning Culture

Students hired as peer library tutors are paid $8.75 an hour.

Forms of multimedia
music, photos, text, podcasts, screencasts, video, powerpoint

Digital portfolio was uses as a container and a laboratory
good vehicle to articulate the products of personal and professional learning
digital portfolios are flexible
showcase libary and resources

Technologies used
office and lab PCs
digital cameras and recording devices
Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and Captivate

Used storyboarding sheets to direct students
Have a weekly meetings to get updates and provide directions

Overall, it sounds like a really cool project and it appears that the student employees are getting a lot out of the program .  However, I would have liked to have learned more about how this impacts library services. 

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