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The Gyspy Librarian has written a follow-up to my previous post about why I blog. His response is definitely worth a read, particularly if you’re still wondering why in the world all of these librarians are blogging. While the entire post is a very good read, Angel gets to the heart of blogging when he writes:

I have heard from some nice and smart people in the biblioblogosphere, so I now also write for that audience in the hopes of adding to conversations here and there. But there’s also another, more important reason. A librarian inspired me to become a librarian. For some reason she said, “you know? You’d make a good librarian.” What do you know? I actually bought it, and I went to library school. My hope is that some day I will be able to inspire someone, and so I will have repaid her faith in me. What started out as a personal quest is now also a way to give something back to the profession and the community.

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  1. Thank you for picking up on this. I was actually about to place a comment back on that entry to let you know, but then in the words of the immortal Walt Crawford, life trumped blogging. By the way, did you get any other responses? And I hope the student found your replies back then helpful. Best.

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