A Sneak Peek of FeedDemon 2.0

Nick Bradbury, the developer of FeedDemon, has given us a few peaks of version 2.0. I’ve been a user off and on of both Bloglines, FeedDemon, and Sharpreader. My weapon of choice for the past few months has been FeedDemon. I still have a Bloglines account, and I use it periodically, but right now, FeedDemon is the aggregator for me. FeedDemon is a desktop RSS reader with a two-or-three pane interface.   It looks very similar to Outlook, Thunderbird, and about every other desktop email client.   FeedDemon is full customizable, and I can change the way I view my RSS feeds by employing a different cascading style sheet. I can save blog posts that I like to News Bins, and every post that I have in my aggregator is searchable. The reall beauty of FeedDemon is its speed, which is why I went back to FeedDemon from Bloglines in the first place. I had been a loyal user of Bloglines, but it was getting too slow for me at times. I’m using RSS to get information quickly, and if my reader can’t keep up, then it’s not doing its job. FeedDemon does keep up, as it is a very fast application. Because all feeds are downloaded to my computer, I don’t have to wait for a web page to change to look at another group of feeds. Switching back and forth between my various feed folders is very quick and easy.   FeedDemon runs $29.95, so it’s not free like Bloglines.   However, there is a trial version available if you’d like to check it out.   Unfortunately, for my Apple friends, there is not a version available for Macintosh.

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  1. I’m a FeedDemon/Bloglines user too. I always thought it was a little goofy of me to be using 2 RSS readers, but it works for me so far.

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