Why Colleges Blog

mStoner.com has a good article about colleges that blog to recruit potential students:

In seizing on the blogging phenomenon, admissions offices and alumni associations are benefiting from the freshness and honesty that the very medium of blogging suggests. There’s an immediacy to blogging, an unvarnished reality to it–even when the feedback function is disabled and the cast of bloggers has clearly been engineered. This aura may fade over time, but for now, it’s potent.

Colleges and universities are competing fiercely to get a good crop of students. With the price of tuition increasing and the nature of today’s economy, colleges that want to make their numbers must aggressively recruit students. One of the important things that perspective students need to know when choosing a school is what life is like at the institution on a daily basis. Blogs can allow students to hear about a school from a student’s perspective:

In admissions, student bloggers write about their experiences. The feedback function is typically disabled; prospective students can contact the bloggers via email. Having chosen their bloggers carefully, admissions offices do not edit the entries–which is, admittedly, a risk. But well worth it: while it’s difficult to pin down the exact impact on applications, colleges and universities say that site traffic increases significantly when blogs are implemented.

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