Do you Sanoodi?

sanoodi_athens.png“Sanoodi is the fun new way to record and share details of all your favourite outdoor activities. Sanoodi is for you, whether you are a triathlete or somebody that enjoys walking on a Sunday afternoon. Use Sanoodi to explore new places and draw or upload unlimited routes.”

I used Sanoodi to map out some of my cycling routes around town. It works very similarly to Gmaps Pedometer in that it allows you to track distances by drawing points on a map. Sanoodi goes beyond Gmaps, as it allows you to create a profile and save your routes within your profile. You can then send your cycling/running buddies a link to your profile or to your favorite route. You can even link to your flickr account, allowing you to show pictures of your route. Sanoodi also supports tagging, so users can tag their route with landmarks, the weather, or whatever. One of my favorite features of Sanoodi is that is tracks mileage and elevation. Runners and cyclists appreciate knowing how big the hills are. If you’re into cycling, running, or any other outdoor activity that requires the use of improved roads, take a look at Sanoodi.

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