Tweaking our Podcast Tour

Greg contacted me via IM last week, and the conversation with him helped me to flesh out some ideas for the podcast tours. He writes that a podcast isn’t really a podcast without an RSS feed, which I happen to agree with. One of the things that were lacking on the podcast tour page was a dedicated feed to the podcasts. My initial thought was to use the podcast tour page as an index of all of the podcast tour files, and not really worry about having a feed there. In talking with Greg, I decided to link to our pocast feed from our Newsblog on the podcast tour page. I’m currently running the podcast feed through our Newsblog, as I really didn’t want to devote a whole separate blog to our podcasts. I followed the directions in the WordPress Codex article on podcasting for making a dedicated podcast feed:

Dedicated Podcasts

To create a dedicated podcast feed:

  1. Create a category in the Admin > Manage > Categories panel for your audio files and call it something like “podcasts”.
  2. Assign every post containing an audio link to your “podcasts” category.
  3. If your blog is at, your podcast feed will automatically be available at:

I also put some explanatory text on the podcast tour page explaining how to subscribe to the feed, and where to go for more information.   Hopefully this will help to get our users listening to our podcast.   I’m working on some content for future podcasts, and I’ll write about that when we’ve got more content to listen to.   Thanks again to Greg for helping me flesh out some ideas to fine-tune our podcasting efforts.

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