Scientists say that games are good

The Federation of American Scientists have published a report on educational games. The report finds that:

  • Many video games require players to master skills in demand by today’s employers.
  • There are several attributes of games that would be useful for application in learning.
  • There are differences between games for education and games for entertainment.
  • A robust program of research and experimentation is needed to enhance development of educational games by stimulating transfer of the art and technologies of video games to education and learning systems.
  • High development costs in an uncertain market for educational innovations make developing complex high-production learning games too risky for video game and educational materials industries.
  • Several barriers inhibit the markets for education games.
  • Educational institutions need to transform organizational systems and instructional practices to take greater advantage of new technology, including educational games.
  • Outcome data from large-scale evaluations of educational games are needed to demonstrate that these technologies are equal to or offer comparative advantage vs. conventional instruction methods.

The 53 page PDF report can be found here. Other information on the FAS Gaming Summit can be found here.

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