How much does your smartphone really cost?

Sure, you may be getting your iPhone or Blackberry for a song, but the real cost of ownership is in the fine details. PC World has an article that explains how much your smartphone really costs.

The full article can be found on the PCWorld website.

2 thoughts on “How much does your smartphone really cost?

  1. I’m surprised how much the Pre comes out ahead, and how much the iPhone lines up with the others. I’d be an iPhone man if I had the choice, but $159.82 per month? I couldn’t even afford the Pre…

  2. We have two Pres in our house, but we don’t have the unlimited talk plans. You can get plans with smaller minutes to make it a lot more manageable. Also, we don’t have a landline, so we’re not paying for telemarketers to call us. 😉

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