Seven things you should know about Flip Cameras

via Resource Shelf, I found this nice article about Flip Cameras from Educause.

7 Things You Should Know About Flip Camcorders

Flip video devices are small, inexpensive, digital camcorders. For about the price of a low-end digital camera, the Flip offers up to an hour of video from an easy-to-use, self-contained device. Because of its simplicity and affordability, the Flip allows virtually anyone to be a producer of video content. For educators, these small camcorders facilitate visual learning, which is frequently more engaging than other kinds of instruction and can transcend language barriers. A video artifact can be a highly effective tool for assessment, and the Flip camcorders offer easy access to this medium.

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I’ve had a Flip Camera since this summer, and I love the thing.   I take it on all my bike rides, as it fits easily in my jersey pocket.   I’ve recorded quite a few family videos with it, which I’m able to share with my friends and relatives very easily.   I’ve also taken a few videos with it that I use on my various library blogs and wikis.   While the camera is never going to produce George Lucas-like productions, I it is a very convenient way to shoot video and get it out to your users with very minimal effort.   While I have a much nicer digital video camera, with zoom and lots more bells and whistles, I rarely use it because the Flip camera is just so easy and convenient to use.   For more about the Flip Camera, visit the Flip website.   If you’d like to take a look at some of the videos I’ve created with my Flip, take a look at my page.

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