How to reset a Flip Mino

Recently my Flip Mino would not power on. I had only had it a week, but it would do nothing. Even after plugging it in to the USB on my computer, the Mino would not light up or turn on but simply remained locked up. I later found this article on about resetting the camera to be helpful.   I reset the camera, and it appears that all is right again with my Mino.

2 thoughts on “How to reset a Flip Mino

  1. The Flip is an amazing camera for picture and audio clarity in an easy to use, carry with you everywhere, pocket sized USB format.

    The added YouTube software and new Ultra version of the camera make this a perfect choice for easy video creation
    It allows you to organize, edit and upload videos to YouTube, MySpace, or AOL Video, and share them via e-mail

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