On being a gaming parent

From The Impact of Being a Gaming Parent at 2old2play:

Now that you’ve read my tale of our gaming experience you may ask, “What is the impact of being a gaming parent?” Look closely at the text that I’ve bolded. You notice words like closeness, joy, share, talk, love and many more. These experiences are the impact. We as adults are the purchasers of these games for our kids and ourselves. We are the leading buyers in the industry. At some point as parents we can choose to let video gaming be another wall between our kids and ourselves or we can pick up a controller or put our hands on a keyboard and become part of our children’s lives. In the time of technology our kids will game in some way. Parents have the opportunity to venture into the world of technology with their kids or stand on the side lines.

The entire post is an excellent read, particularly if you like games, are a parent, or both.

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