5 reasons to own a PSP in 2009

PSPWorld has a good list of the 5 Reasons to Own a PSP in 2009 .  I’ve really been enjoying my Playstation Portable for the past 9 months, and it’s become my main console for playing games. Here’s a list of reasons I like my PSP
1.  It’s great for a guy with 3 kids
The PSP has a built-in sleep mode which allows me to stop playing a game when life gets in the way of gaming.  It’s perfect for a busy dad to get his gaming fix.  Because many of the games are near-console quality, I don’t feel like I’m reduced to playing mingames simply because I’m playing on a handheld device.
2.  No TV required
This means that I can play games while the TV is occupied.  When my TV is busy rendering Blues Clues or Dancing with the Stars, I can still play games.  I can also play games on my PSP in the same room as my family, which means I don’t have to isolate myself to another room to play something.
3.  The PSN is cool
The Playstation store allows you to download demos and games to your PSP.  I’d love to see a lot more games there, but Sony is supposedly working on that.  I love being able to download demos and cheap games for the console.  You can also purchase and download movies from the store, which would be convenient for someone who travels more than I do.
4.  The Web Browser
I use the web browser on my PSP to check the weather, look at a few websites, and even to read GameFaqs while playing games on my PS2.  While the web browser is not very fancy, it’s still pretty handy to have.
5.  Lots of cheap games
As a family guy, I’m on a budget.  That means I can’t afford to spend 60 bucks on every new game that I want.  Many are concerned that there’s not a lot of good games coming out on the PSP, but I believe that trend is changing.  I’m hoping there are a lot of new games that will be announced in the coming year.  Regardless, there’s a ton of budget titles that can keep me busy for quite some time.  I’ve yet to spend more than 20 bucks on a PSP game.

2 thoughts on “5 reasons to own a PSP in 2009

  1. Chad,

    Thanks for the link to our site and for adding your own reasons to the list. Personally I am not a big fan of the PSP web browser after having seen Apple do it right with the iPhone, but it’s nice to see that other people get good use out of it.

    Check out our blog for news on upcoming game releases, you might find there is a lot of good stuff on the way for the system.


  2. haha agreed. The psp is a great system. Also u didnt mention skype. My favourite app on the PSP. Its awesome! i use it to talk to friends and family very very often. I bought a mic on ebay pretty cheap and my friends say its very clear. Hope the psp has more software updates, they are doing very well so far, skype, gomessenger and PSN. I play my psp more than my Wii too haha.

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