Major cycling milestone–700 miles

No, not all at once.

Today my total mileage for 2008 reached 702 miles.   Thus far I have been on 51 rides, with my longest ride of 37 miles.     My current average ride is 13.8 miles, but I have several rides longer than 20 miles.   Much of my mileage has been my 8.5 to 10.5 mile rides on my lunch break, so that may account for the lowering of the average distance.

Last year my total mileage for all of 2007 was 437 miles in 43 rides, with my longest ride being 36 miles.   I only had 3 rides more than 20 miles last year.

With my current pace, I hope to reach 1,000 miles before the end of 2008.   The weather, time, and family obligations may determine if this goal is indeed reached, but I will do my best (within reason) to achieve it.

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