lunchtime bike ride March 5

8 miles on the bike path

28 minute ride time

58 degrees

Strong headwind on the return leg

This was the first lunchtime ride of the year, and I hope to do a lot more.   Due to the parking lot being full, I had to alter my usual routine.   It actually worked out being faster than I had been doing before, so I’ll likely park my bike in the same place next time I ride.

This morning I parked at Walter Hall, rather than my usual spot at Baker Center.   At lunch, I took Baker Center to Grover and changed at Wellworks, leaving my clothes in the locker room.   I took the other exit from Grover to my car in Walter.   I then got on the bike path behind Peden and rode to E. State Street and back.   I then retraced by steps to Wellworks, showered, then went back to the library.   I did all of this in 58 minutes, despite putting my front wheel on backwards the first time.

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