WordPress Upgrade

I have finally gotten around to updating this blog with the latest version of WordPress. Everything ran pretty smoothly, although I did have some problems with my comments template. It turns out that my previous iteration of the comments template (which I have had since WP 1.0) needed to be tossed. I simply copied the default comments template and placed it into my Library Voice templates folder. I may tweak that a little later if needed.

I have been using this latest version of WP on a number of other blogs, and I have been really pleased with the update. The ability to change themes with the click of a button is incredible, and the spam blacklist seems to be working quite nicely. While I have yet to tinker with all of the new features, I am anxious to investigate all of the other new options. If you are looking to create a new blog, or are unhappy with your existing setup, I encourage you to give WordPress a try.

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