MySpace used to bash employers

From a Business Week Online article:

You’ve heard that MySpace is dangerous for your kids, but what about for your business? Behold the summer of talking smack. Lots of interns and other summer employees have been logging on and dishing out on blogs and social networking sites about incompetent co-workers, negligent managers, and annoying customers like, uh, you.

With more than 25,000 groups on MySpace’s companies and co-workers section alone — including Publix Pimps, T.J. Maxx needs to die, and The Abercrombie is Evil Awareness Foundation — no company is immune. Here’s a taste of what’s out there.

4 thoughts on “MySpace used to bash employers

  1. Hmm, sounds like what a lot of employees will do when they get to hang out and air their grievances. Only difference is that they can now do it online and a lot more people will see it. From the sampling, it seems the companies are mostly ignoring it or being aloof about it. Maybe they should wise up. Word of mouth can be a big deal to a business, positive and negative, and these employees are using just that. Best, and keep on blogging.

  2. You’re right, Angel. I worked for a major home improvement retailer for about four years. Employees would vent their frustrations with each other in the breakroom and out by the smoking area. It looks like MySpace makes the breakroom banter a little more widespread, and a little more anonymous. As a result, they can vent a little more loudly. Thanks again for reading.

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