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Looking to embed Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, or Real Media files into your web page?   Then take a look at the Embedded Media HTML Generator.   This utiility was created by the UC San Francisco Center for Instructional Technology in order to “to ease the burden of inserting video and animations into web pages.”   To use, simply select your file format, fill out a small form with server info, file name, etc, and click “Submit” to generate your html.

5 thoughts on “Embedded media generator

  1. Have you used this tool? I was trying to use it for my blog. It works when I click on “Test Media” at USCF’s site, but when I post the html to blogspot, it doesn’t work. Any ideas?


  2. Hi Christi,
    It’s apparently got some issues. I used it to embed video in a WordPress blog, and it did not work with Firefox. However, it seemed to work just fine with IE. Perhaps it needs a little debugging to get it working 100% of the time.

  3. Hello,

    The HTML Generator seems very simple, but honestly, I don’t know what to insert for “servername” is that my webdomain? And what is a “filepath”? Yea, you’re right I’m really green, in fact I don’t know s***! HELP!

  4. Well I found that the only problen with it is that wen you select “false” for the autostart it still starts automatically..It is not USCF’s fauld it is some kind of glitch in the code. First you have to uplode your media to a FTP. I found one that will work called http://www.drivehq.com/ but it is complicated to get the file name and all. Soon I will have a tutorial at http://www.htmld.net/Tutorials/ or you can catch me on yahoo messenger almost every weekday between 12pm-4:30pm. Next week I will not be on all that time due to VBS at my church I am volentaring for. my yahoo ID is Html_Website_Design. you can also catch me on AIM my ID there is Htmldnet. My point of this is you can send me the file and I can give you the embeded media code. I have A FTP that I can uplode it to for you so you do not have to go through the trouble. For example my ftp adress you would get for your file would be http://www.htmld.net/FTP/Filename.Ext/ so the Servername would be http://www.htmld.net and the filepath would be /FTP/Filename.Ext/
    I do not know why it would not work in your blog but my idea from what it sounds like is that 1) your blog does not support embeded media or 2) you have to check a checkbox that usualy says “Enable HTML” other than that I do not know. and if you are putting the file straight into a html editor such as front page go to http://www.htmld.net/Htmleditor.htm and plase (Ctrl+v) the code into the textbox and then select it and copy (Ctrl+c) the code then paste it again into the Html section of you html editor. I know this sounds like a wast of thime but the code will think it is text insted of code if you do not do this. I would try this for your blog problem to…it might help. I hope this is all usefull to you.

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