Create 200,000 blogs with ease

Imagine if you could create and administer 200,000 WordPress blogs with one interface. According to the Lyceum Project, you will be able to.

Lyceum was originally conceived in a very different form 3 years ago as a community-blogosphere-insta-generator. Several staff and identity rotations later, we set forth in the middle of 2005 to make a powerful and easy to use multi-blog WordPress that could be used for installations with 2 or 200,000 blogs. Users will find the familiar WordPress features and interface that they know and love, and administrators will have the architecture and tools that they need to manage their blog service.

We’ve given a lot of thought to performance, security, and ease of managability. We are really proud of what we’ve come up with, and we are excited to show others.

I’m definitely going to look into this for our library, because every time a new release of WordPress comes out, I spend a good deal of time updating about ten different blogs. While Lyceum is not yet ready for production use, it’s definitely something to keep on the radar.   In another sense, imagine the community of bloggers you could create on your campus if you gave every student a blog. The library at the University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan are already doing this. Way cool!

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