RSS: Real Sports Syndication?

Way to go ESPN! This is just another example of RSS working its way into the mainstream. now has RSS feeds.

ESPN is calling their feeds “News Feeds” in order to demystify some of the tech jargon. The link above takes you to a page with the list of available feeds, as well as a very good explanation of what RSS is and how to use it. There are even links to several of the more popular aggregators, including FeedDemon and Bloglines. I may have to borrow from this very simple explantion when I teach my upcoming RSS class.

As more popular, mainstream sites like this get on board with news feeds, RSS will begin to be used by more people. Perhaps then RSS will hit it big, as described by Read/Write Web:

When RSS hits it big, it’ll be because ‘normal’ people start using it – your Mom and Dad, Frank from Marketing, Jessie from Payroll, Dave from the local dairy. They won’t be bloggers. They won’t be interested in writing or podcasting or anything like that. All they’ll want to do is track news and trends that are relevant to them.

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