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Looking at getting an iPhone? Ars Technica has a rather extensive testing and review of the iPhone. Some of what they put the phone through will make your cringe, including dropping the phone from a 3rd story window and sliding it down a sidewalk face down. In the end, Ars gave the phone an 8 out of ten, citing the following:


  • Web surfing experience is superior to other phones
  • Overall SMS experience is great
  • Practically non-scratchable
  • Looks fantastic in every way
  • Easy to use, self-discoverable
  • Soft keyboard is definitely usable
  • iPod interface rocks


  • iPhone is currently locked to AT&T
  • No worthwhile Exchange support
  • No wireless syncing over Bluetooth or WiFi, must tether via USB, no modem use at all
  • Extremely quiet ringer/alert/speakerphone volume
  • Windows version of iTunes cause a few hiccups
  • Application support is weak
  • E-mail implementation feels weak, uninspired

Personally I am very happy with my Treo 700p, as the range of third-party applications allows me to do things that the iPhone cannot do. The Treo is definitely not as sexy as the iPhone, but it does a great job keeping me connected with my calendar, texting, calls, email, and much, much more. I’ll eventually get around to writing a post about what I use my Treo for. I think the iPhone is a great product for some, although the price is a little high. Honestly, I’m more excited about the impact that Apple’s latest gadget/fashion accessory/phone/ipod will have on other phone providers. As a long-time Palm user, I will be curious to see how (or if) Palm counters Apple’s new offering.

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  1. Personally, I’m loving my iphone. AT&T can suck at times but they were the only company Apple could bully, er, persuade into the visual voicemail, which is amazing. But I was ready for a new phone and I did the research to know what I was getting into ahead of time. Still, coming from a Treo myself, it’s the best interface on the market.

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