Harassment via Meebo

Long story short, a small loans outfit in the UK wanted me to post a link to their site on my Business Blog.   “Kelly” was pretty persistent, to the point of being a pain.   Here’s part of the transaction:

(4:37:26 PM) meeboguest598014: if I post a comment, it allows me to put my website, will that save as a link for me? I only need 1
(4:37:28 PM) meeboguest598014: 🙂
(4:37:48 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: i moderate commments.
(4:37:57 PM) meeboguest598014: will you let me do one
(4:38:01 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: no
(4:38:08 PM) meeboguest598014: If i comment that your a real nice guy
(4:38:14 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: it doesnt matter
(4:38:31 PM) meeboguest598014: hmm, 50$ for 1 link
(4:38:44 PM) meeboguest598014: pay you by paypal
(4:38:46 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: no thanks.
(4:38:56 PM) meeboguest598014: 250$ and thats final
(4:39:06 PM) meeboguest598014: pay you now! for 1 link
(4:39:33 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: that sounds nice, but it would be unethical for me to do so. we are a not-for-profit institution
(4:39:56 PM) meeboguest598014: well I would be making a donation in kind for your helpful service
(4:40:10 PM) meeboguest598014: please help me in this massive maze of the net
(4:40:29 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: i said no.
(4:40:37 PM) Kelly: Ok then chad
(4:40:42 PM) cfboeninger@meebo.org/Home: best of luck
(4:40:45 PM) Kelly: bye hun
(4:40:55 PM) Kelly: btw – you look cute
(4:41:35 PM) Kelly: now your lost for wordsd, he he

One thought on “Harassment via Meebo

  1. I love this post! I laugh every time I read it. It takes me back to the days when I sold insurance…..

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