Free Screen Recording Software

It appears that DemoStudio, the open source screen capture application, no longer has a project page on SourceForge. I have the software installed on my machine, but I wanted to find it so a colleague could install it on her PC. After poking around on the web a bit, I was able to find CamStudio, which looks amazingly similar to the version of DemoStudio that I currently have installed on my machine. After opening DemoStudio and CamStudio, the “About” links of the software give a little more inormation. My version of DemoStudio is version 2.5, and parts of the software “is based on Rendersoft Camstudio.” The version of Camstudio linked above appears to be that version. I’ve no idea what happened to the more recent version of DemoStudio, but it appears that Camstudio will function well enough to meet my needs as a free (and very basic) substiute for Captivate.

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