Internet Librarian–Web-Based Experience Planning

The Basics of Web-Based Experience Planning

David King
Digital Branch and Services Manager
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

Examples of bad experiences

Goal is to introduce experience planning

User Experience Design
Jessee James Garrett–The Elements of User Experience

5 elements
1.   Strategy
2.   Scope
3.   Structure
4.   Skeleton
5.   Surface

Strategy= planning
Scope= figuring out what’s needed and who will do the work
Structure= fill in the details
Skeleton= an outline of the site
Surface= visual design

Experience economy
-called a lot of things right now
-experience planning, experience architecting, digital experience planning

Cold Stone Creamery does not sell ice cream
They sell the ice cream experience

Build a bear does not sell bears
They sell the continuing experience with the bear

1. ask–what experiences do you want the user to have
2.   save the user extra steps
3.   find trigger points–one or two things that are really important to the user
4.   improve the dinosaurs–find something that has not changed in a long time and make it different
5.   map a journey–get in the customer’s head
6.   merit badging–people are collecting experiences rather than things
7.   focusesd design

Ask you patrons:
what types of info they want
what sites they visit regularly
what do you like and not like on our website

Ask staff:
what do they want to see changed
what is not there that need to be there
be aware that some staff will use the site differently than library customers

No extra steps:
What extra steps exist on your website?
references book “Don’t make me think?”
library services:   library card applications, ILL forms, catalog searching

Trigger points
ask customers what ticks you off about our site

Find stuff that hasn’t changed
“we’ve always done it that way”

Map a journey
Does the journey start at the door of the library?
Does the journey start at the main page of a website?

Merit Badging
make a game?   extra credit opportunities?

Focused design
Remove distrations
consistent look and feel


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