CIL2007 Keynote Session

Web 2.0 and What it means to libraries
Lee Rainie, Director of Pew Internet & American Life Project

Lee notes that he “adores librarians.”

Web 2.0 is the web as a platform.

6 Hallmarks of the the Web 2.0 that matter to libraries

  1. The internet has become the computer
    • The number of people who access the Internet at libraries has doubled in the last four years
    • broadband has turned the web into a destination for fun and entertainment
    • a lot more people are using the internet every single day
    • the experience of the internet has become more social
  2.  Lots of people are creating content online
    •  social networking sites are the big ones here, Facebook, MySpace
    • people are posting more content online. 
    • 33 % of college students have blogs
    • 12 % of online adults have a blog
    • 19% of online young adults have created an avatar and interacted with others online.
  3. Even more internet users are accessing the content created by others
    • 44% of young adults seek information on Wikipedia
    • heaviest users of wikipedia have high levels of education, or are college students in the process of getting an education
  4. Many are sharing what they know and what they feel online
    •  as an example
    • Amazon book reviews
    • 1/3 or online adults have tagged content online
    • 25% of younger Internet users have commented on videos, and they also comment of blogs and photos
  5. Tens of thousands are contributing knowledge to an online commons
    • 10k-30k active developers in the global open source movement
    • 40% participate in peer to peer exchanges
  6. Americans are customizing their content

5 issues libraries must address

  1. navigation–transitioning from linear to nonlinear format
  2. context—learning to see connections
  3. focus–practicing reflection & deep thinking
  4. skepticism–learning to evaluate information
  5. ethical behavior–understanding the rules of cyberspace

CIL 2007

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