CIL 2007: Learning Objects and Gaming

Learning Objects
Shiu Liu
Colorado State University

A learning object is an online tool that includes a learning objective, a learning process, and assessment of learning, providing an interactive experience, to help learners digest as specifice piece of knowledge, or master how to complete a specific task.

Learning objects are

Learning Objects Repositories

Wisconsin Online Resource Center
12 Cranial Nerves is a good example

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching


University System of Georgia: ALT (Advanced Learning Technologies)

Library Resources & Learning Objects
supports 24/7 learning, anytime, anywhere

Tammy Allgood Digital Delivery and Design Librarian
Arizona State University

Two projects
Board game
online game

Learning objectives
teach library as a physical and virtual spces
library sources
types of resources
basics of catalog
differences between types of sources

Board game introduced Fall 2005
Board game is very easy to do
Began as prototype to computer game
Went through four versions of the board game

Computer game
development began spring 2006
5 people on the development team
skills–web development, flash development, database design, lower division insturction expertise, extensive research in gaming in gaming as an educational tool
hired an outside programmer

5 months to develop storyline, documentation
two months for actual desing
character interactions—one month
information retrieval–two weeks
animations–two weeks
bug tracking and documentation—one month


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  1. The Fletcher Library Game Project is everywhere. They were at CIL & LOEX last year and now again this year. Did they give any updates as far as how the game is going now that it is live and classes are using it?

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