There’s hope for the future

 Google Music album cover of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"


When a student gets your reference to an “old song,” it gives you hope that these kids might make it someday.

An actual chat interaction with one of my students:



Student: Can one of us meet with you to ask questions? We’re looking to be helped towards the right direction

Me: are you guys in the library?
Me: ?
Me: do you guys have a study room?

[large block of time passes with no response]


Me: Hello, Hello, Hello, is there anybody out there?
Me: Just nod if you can hear me.
Me: Is there anyone home?

Student: Sorry we were away from our computer, we are researching in Copeland. Was that a Pink Floyd reference?
Me: yup

Me: I’m around until 4:45
Me: just let me know when you might swing by Me: I’m proud that you got the Pink Floyd reference. Shows some culture!

Student: We are in class until 5:00, if one of us is not permitted out, we will definitely find you sometime this week. Thank you for being so easy to contact! Also – I love my rock and roll

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