Staffing the IM service

Today I had a patron who tried to get a rise out of me. He/she didn’t know they were dealing with the coolest librarian on the planet. 😉

2 thoughts on “Staffing the IM service

  1. Oh, the memories… when I was there after-hours on Fridays and Saturdays we’d get crazy questions and/or people just trying to mess with whoever was on the other end. Now that I don’t work at Alden anymore I feel I can freely admit that when people were obviously trying to play “chat up the librarian” on Saturday night and would ask who was answering the IMs, I would sometimes answer that it was an automated system. I think it saved a lot of time and effort on both ends!

    1. Maybe that’s the answer!! “Sorry, I cannot read your essay and write your paper for you……I am a robot…….Cannot compute…….Please try again……”

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