Skype-ing and Screensharing With Stephen

Yesterday I had the good fortune to connect with Stephen Francoeur via Skype. He and I spent a little time testing out the new screensharing options in the newest version of Skype.   We had fun poking around with the new features, and I recorded some of what we saw.   I used Camstudio to record my screen, so unfortunately you won’t hear Stephen on the other end.   Next time I do this I might try to figure out a way to record the audio on the other end of the line. Nevertheless, I was quite pleased at how well the screenharing in Skype worked once we figured how to actually use it.   Thanks to Stephen for taking the time to play.

3 thoughts on “Skype-ing and Screensharing With Stephen

  1. Thanks for posting this. Have you envisioned or planned out ways in which you’ll use this for reference?

    1. Hi, KG. We haven’t started using it yet, but I would eventually like to change our staffing model for our Skype Kiosk. You can find information about our Skype kiosk in this video. I’d like to go back to a model where during certain hours a librarian would be available “live” to answer questions and greet patrons. We haven’t worked out the kinks yet, but I have a colleague who is really pumped about making some changes to enhance the service. I’ll be sure to report something back here on my blog when we get something going. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Skype is an incredible tool. It is amazing they provide it for free. One day it (or something like it) will revolutionize communication over cell phones. 3G is almost good enough to run Skype all the time.

    I have it set up on my cell phone with wifi and use it often when I am traveling. I am glad to see a school keeping up to date and implementing new technologies. Too many schools prefer to keep things held back rather than moving ahead.

    Keep pushing the edge.


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